iPhone Memory Card Reader, Omars USB 3.1 Portable Card Reader OTG Adapter
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Direction of Usage                                                                

Insert your memory card in The right direction as shown in the picture.

It only taks one simple click to finish card insertion. The flash drive is ready to go only when the card is fully inserted. We advice using your finger nail to do the insertion.

A Design that Makes a Statement                                                              

It is 2016 Kapok winning design presented by Omars. Its alluminum brushes surface creates a matt look while eliminating any possible fingerprint leftover. Metal cover together with ABS body makes a unique and outstanding contrast.            

The “Vortex” USB flash drive is made with precision metal oxidation process. With a perfect combination of matt metal and dark grey, makes it full of business feeling.  

Witstick is your media centre at your fingertips. You can view microsoft files, watch movies, play music and see pictures in Witstick. 

New upgrade Wistick has been established,more features are as below:

Shoot and save. You can take photos/record videos via Multi-media directly to the Omars iPhone flash drive,expand the limited space of iOS devices.

Fingerprint Encryption.Password & Touch ID can be set to secure individual file on Omars flash drive(Witstick -- in app storage). A safe place to protect your private data.

Instant Sharing.Share document to the social media directly.(Facebook,twitter and so on)

One Touch backup. Backup all contacts/images/audios/videos at one click.

Big files Transfer.Support exFat, enable you transfer files larger than 4GB.(Please format your SD card to exFAT via computer first)

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