Omars Apple MFI Certified iPad Plug-n-Go Wired Keyboard
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Wired keyboard ideal for classroom, office and home users 
Make typing and operation on iPads easier with this hassle-free wired keyboard for today’s connected classroom. Now your students can plug a single cable into their iPad and instantly start typing notes, essays and tests—without any help, batteries or wasted classroom time trying to wirelessly connect a room full of Bluetooth keyboards and iPads. 
Everything for the Ease of Typing 
Typing usually involves remaining in the same position and focus of concentration for a long period of time. Ease of typing is taken into consideration in every step of Omars keyboard’s production. A clumsy keyboard and a neat one can make a real difference. Omars keyboard is easy to strike and quick in response. Thanks to its slightly slanted keyboard base, palms and fingers are more relaxed and less likely to get tired. 


Size:  285*120*20 mm

Weight:  285g

Number of Keys: 78

Connector: C68A Lightning connecotor

Power: Powered by iPad, iPhone, iPod

Color: White

Material: ABS

Cable Length: 40cm

Compatibility: iOS7.1+, iPhone 5+, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5+

Certificates: PROP65,CE,FCC,MFi

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