Omars USB Hub 4 x USB 3.0 Hub USB 3.0
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Please Note: 2.4Ghz wireless devices, such as wireless keyboard and mouse, may not work in close 

proximity to USB 3.0 devices or hubs. 

No more need to twist cables or bend yourself into strange angles just for plugging a USB device onto your iMac, now you can easily access 4 ports at an ergonomic angle with OMARS USB Hub.

Its sleek aluminum design the perfect complement to your iMac computer. Does not require any software or complicated installation process. Easy to use and save your desktop space. 

And the hub also can be clipped Anywhere Flat and Thinner than 1.2 inch, like edge or partition of table, other monitor, etc. 



Input: USB 3.0 Type A * 1 

Output: USB 3.0 Type A famale*4 

Power: No external power adapter needed 

Power Switch: No power switch 

Indicator: With a blue indicator in the front 

Cable: USB 3.0 A to A *1 

Cable Length: SR to SR 30CM 

Material: Aluminum & ABS 

Dimension: 84*54*18MM

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS 

Operation system requirement: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, MAC 9.1 / 10.2 or higher 

Compatible devices: All the USB A computers USB 3.0 Data transfer rate: 5Gbps

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