Omars 24000mAh 80W AC Power Bank Portable Battery Pack
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【Ultra High Capacity & Power】

Omars AC Power Bank is an ideal solution that allows you to charge your electric devices anytime, anywhere. Apply 24,000mAh capacity and 88Wh, it is powerful enough to charge such devices as a smartphone, tablet and laptop. Even better is you can bring it on the plane.

【Fast Charging】

The AC Power Bank Pro has a high input and high outputs. These features make it possible to charge the connected device as fast as possible and recharge the power bank itself on high speed

【High Efficiency & Compact】

Omars AC Power Bank is highly efficient and ensures the least possible loss of energy during the charging process. Dimensions: 4.91*7.4*1.73 inches (124.8x188x44mm)

【Omars Safety Check】

Built in software under voltage and over voltage protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-current Protection, AC Out Short Circuit Protection, AC Out Over-current Protection, Over temperature protection keep you safe when you on your trip.

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Rated Voltage: 14.8V

Charge Input: 16.8V/2.0A

USB Output: 5V/4.2A

Built in battery specification:2000mAh*12

Rated Power: 80W

Peak Power:120W

AC Discharge Output: 110V/60Hz/80W

AC Out Frequency: 60Hz

Dimensions: 124.8x188x44mm

AC Loaded output voltage scope AC:100V-130V@80W

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