Omars USB-C to 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
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All-in-one universal USB connector 

USB-C, otherwise known as Type-C is a new all-in-one universal USB connector that is designed to support data sync, power charge and Audio/Video signal transmission. 

Future Technical Needs

It's a must-have item for the new Mac, and other type-C compatible devices. It is designed to maximize the benefits of type-C connector to perform speedy data transfer and powerful charging. This adaptor comes with the latest version of USB 3.1. Be ready for fast-evolving future technical needs.

Quality Guarantee

Omars cables are all designed and manufactured by experienced cable-specialized experts. 

Quality control involves more than 20 tests covering cable functionality and durability. 32 AWG copper conductors ensure less signal loss and faster files transfer. 

Easy Operation

With a smooth and curved aluminum cover, this adaptor is nice to touch and easy to handle. Aluminum is a strong metal that offers sufficient protection for the inner parts of the adaptor while keeping the whole product slim and light-weighted. You can put the adaptor directly into your bag without worry about accidental damages. Omars’ adaptors come in matching color with Apple’s product. Trending brushed surface prevents any fingerprint marks. 


Type C: USB 3.1Gen1

Number of USB Port: 4

Speed: 5Gbps

Total Charging Current: 900 mA 

Dimension: 180mm×24mm×16mm

Cable Length: 108mm

Color: Silver

Cover Material: Aluminum Alloy 

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